#RPGaDay 22: Which RPGs are the easiest for you to run?

This one is no contest.  It’s Numenera from Monte Cook.  Monte is a GM’s GM, and his system of making the players do all the dice rolls so that the GM can focus on managing other things is brilliant. The mechanics are designed so that figuring out difficulties for rolls is dead simple as well.  I found Numenera by far the easiest system I’ve ever GMed. I picked it up and was comfortable with the system an hour into my first game.  And that setting allows me to really fly my freak flag.  Weird, far future stuff is a blast to write up and run.  My notes were never more than a handful of paragraphs for a session in this game.

It’s lacking in other things (a strong sense of character progression, in particular, which a lot of players want), but as far as ease of GMing, nothing beats it.

For the month of August, I will be participating in #RPGaDay. I haven’t posted much on this blog about my love for role-playing games, and for a while, I wasn’t really acknowledging that love myself.  But RPGs were my entry point in the the geek lifestyle, and they are very important to me.  I’ll be exploring my relationship with RPGs all month with these posts.

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