Friday Finds for February 23rd

Here are some assorted finds and articles that turned up this week that are of interest to me, and possibly of interest to you.


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  • INTEL MADE SMART GLASSES THAT LOOK NORMAL – like everyone else, I was skeptical yet covetous of Google Glass.  The exclusion of a camera in this model seems very helpful in insuring there isn’t an enormous public backlash. I could really use these when driving in Kansas City, which despite having lived around here for five years, I still have no geographic sense of.
  • Kylie Jenner Tanks $1.3 Billion of Snapchat Parent’s Market Value – Bloomberg – this is fine.  Everything is fine.
  • I ordered an iPhone 8 case and the wide angle lens from Moment this week.  I’m hoping to avoid taking my big, bulky, and expensive digital SLR to France this summer, and in order to do that, I’d like a little more lens versatility.  I’ll post a review here after I’ve received this and had some time to try it out. I’m giving some serious thought into picking up a microphone and engaging in some videoblogging.  Why am I all of a sudden interested in plaguing the world with my inanity? Who knows.

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