What does it take to form a habit?

Well. 25 days. That’s how long I went without missing a blog post.

I’m not beating myself up about it. Forming habits is hard, and yesterday was a day of many different tasks, including running my bi-weekly post-apocalyptic D&D game. This week, they met the priestesses of the Temple of Shells. They’re giant psychic eggs that never hatch. It’s a weird campaign. Anyway–

I’ve read books about forming habits and stuff, but I think they’re mostly aimed at younger people. I have found it incredibly difficult at this stage in my life to form new habits. I can practice a task for literal months, then suddenly fall off the wagon.

I used to journal in my Evernote. I went for a year and a half. Then I missed one day, and I haven’t done it in a year! I spent six months doing morning brain training games. I haven’t done it in several months. I don’t even really know when or why I stopped. I actually enjoyed those!

Is this a problem unique to me? The only habits I ever seem to develop anymore are bad ones. The ones I try to consciously develop always require effort, and I’ve yet to really succeed at forming one and putting it on autopilot. I guess I need to read more books about it or something.

I do find repetition incredibly difficult, and I get bored easily doing the same thing over and over. Novelty is what I crave in life. I suppose this trait and my failure to form habits might be related…

I’m cheating and back-posting this one to Thursday. Truth is, I realized I had forgotten to write it while I was in bed last night, so I sketched out this post in my head to post this morning. I’m calling that as fitting. I MAKE THE RULES HERE!

I’ll post another one later today. Hopefully for my six readers, the effect will be seamless…

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