A Really Good Post About Layoffs

Cory Doctorow writes about the current state of capitalism better than almost anybody on the net. I like his books, of course, but his blogging has only gotten better since he (apparently?) left BoingBoing.

As tech giants reach terminal enshittification, hollowed out to the point where they are barely able to keep their end-users or business customers locked in, the capital classes are ready for the final rug-pull, where all the value is transfered from people who make things for a living to people who own things for a living.

“Activist investors” have triggered massive waves of tech layoffs, firing so many tech workers so quickly that it’s hard to even come up with an accurate count. The total is somewhere around 280,000 workers:

Cory Doctorow, Pluralistic

My vote for word of the year is definitely “enshittification.”

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