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About Jeremy (That’s Me)

I wear a lot of hats (sometimes literally). I am the owner/founder/lead dev of Clockpunk Studios, a company that specializes in author/publisher web design. I work with a number of roleplaying game companies such as Monte Cook Games and Kobold Press, helping them as best I can with their marketing and web presence.

In the past, I’ve published short stories in a variety of genres–mostly science fiction and fantasy. I am no longer actively writing for publication, but who knows? One day, I may come back to it.

I like to take pictures of nature, hunt fossils, and play all sorts of games (especially role-playing games, my first hobby), but more than anything, I like to make things. Whether it’s a website or a 3D-printed miniature, I enjoy the creative process, and I feel really lucky to get to work at the junction between creativity and technology.

I’m also a Dad to a great kiddo who is even more obsessed with computers (and computer games) than I am. He’s the best thing I’ve ever helped make.

I live in my home state of Kansas with my wife and son along with a rotating cast of pets.

Press Bio

Jeremiah Tolbert is a web designer and writer living in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and son.

He writes science fiction and fantasy.  His work often places an emphasis on working class characters and how genre elements impact their lives. It’s predominantly optimistic about science, and is often set in the Midwest, generally, and his home state of Kansas, specifically.

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You can email me at [email protected].

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I don’t use social media as much as I used to, but here are a couple of sites you can find me on.

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