A writing project, such as a short story or a book

Work, With Occasional Mole Men

This story probably has the most accurate title I’ve ever written.  It’s about families, too, though.  The story features the kind of family you can’t […]

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Groob’s Stupid Grubs

Once upon a time, Black Gate was a fiction magazine, and when they were, they published a story about my favorite goblin dad, Groob.  Groob […]

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One Click Banishment

Another tale in the Magic P1r4cy setting, where spells are turned into programs called sprogs.  In this story, we learn that it pays to read […]

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The Godfall’s Chemsong

This is one of my attempts at writing truly alien aliens.  At least in the sense that they are hominids with bumpy foreheads, anyway.  Ultimately, […]

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The Culture Archivist

I was thinking to myself: What’s the difference between the Federation and the Borg, really? Both assimilate other cultures into themselves. One just does it […]

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Arties Aren’t Stupid

What if our social cliques weren’t just social constructs, but biological ones?  Combine that with some ideas about living graffiti and you’ve got the world […]

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Captain Blood’s B00ty

In the Magic P1r4tes setting, computers can process spells like programs.  The only problem is, copyright of spells is tied to the life of the […]

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The Yeti Behind You

Written long before I became a parent, this story deals with the anxieties of expecting parents, and the anxieties of even making the decision.  What […]

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This, My Body

A graphic tale of sex, food, and religion.  Antonio is a genetically engineered priest/sex slave whose skin produces chemicals called super-flavinoids, which improve the taste […]

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