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Four Kittens

A published in , June, 2019.

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, the only things that matter are how fast your car can go and whether or not you think it’s cool to eat an entire box of kittens.

The protagonist in this story doesn’t think that is cool at all.

Jetting down the highway at 120, near flat out, just pedal to the metal, all cylinders firing, wide open, frame vibrating to pieces. Thoughts jumbling around in my head like the kittens in the box on the bench seat behind me.

We Mete Justice with Beak and Talon

A published in , September/October 2018.

In a near-future Kansas City, the police have deployed new technology aimed at dealing with crimes committed with aerial drones.  Special “Passenger” tech is used to mentally link a trained eagle and a human officer, forming a third gestalt mind. Together, they patrol the skies and deal out justice with beak and talon.

There is illicit prey in our skies. OUR SKIES! we scream, indignant. We are dimly aware of the radio chatter: “10-71,” “sniper drone,” and some frantic beat cop screaming, “The mayor is down!” These details matter little now and we push them aside to focus. There has been a violation of the law and we are called to serve. Already we’re dipping our wings and turning as our Passenger directs us gently with a feeling as if the magnetic poles of the world have shifted. We will capture our prey. We will earn commendations and the tastiest morsels of meats.

About Me

Jeremiah Tolbert is a genre writer, web designer, and photographer. His writing often places an emphasis on working class characters and how science fiction and fantasy elements impact their lives. It’s most usually set in the Midwest generally, and his home state of Kansas specifically.

He lives in Kansas with his wife and son.

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