Blogging is Dead. Let’s Start Blogging Again

Every few months, I read something that reminds me I was once an avid blogger.  Chances are, if you see this, you were too.  I don’t think I have a lot of reach with the Pre-Millennials (or Millenials for that matter).  Blogging was the way to actively interact with the internet for quite a few years.  Social media came and now we put all our private thoughts in pseudo-public networks and the blog is dead, except for a handful of stalwarts. Cory Doctorow’s gonna figure out a way to keep posting to Boing Boing after the bombs fall.

I have some nervous energy lately (nothing too serious, just the usual grab bag of slightly net-positive anxieties), as well as a troubling failure to commit fictional prose, so here I am. Blogging again.  Only this time, I’m going to be blogging for an audience of one and try to remind myself that.  I may even write a plugin for WordPress to post a big notice at the top of the editor: “NOBODY WILL READ THIS AND YOU SHOULD WRITE IT ANYWAY.”

If you happen to read this and take some enjoyment from it, fantastic.  Otherwise, this is where I expect I’ll be posting thoughts, articles, and other things that are on my mind, so that they have a place to be besides on my mind.  Maybe, and I say this with a heavy dose of skepticism, this time, it will stick once again.  Maybe I can do this knowing that nobody is reading. Maybe I can perform mental feats with an audience of one.  I’m not going to turn off my social media cross-posting… let’s not get crazy.

Consider it a return to an old fashioned way of thinking out in the open.  Hey, it could be worse.  I could be re-opening my livejournal.

The impetus for this rejuvenation was a post over on, “Why do we forget most of what we read and watch?

4 thoughts on “Blogging is Dead. Let’s Start Blogging Again”

  1. I’ve thought about blogging again too. I have so many issues with the various social media sites, and I want to feel as though my words are more in my control again. If we start all over with blogging, it will likely feel the same way it did when we first started out (on LJ?) so many years ago. But we’ve done that before! We can do it again!

  2. As an expert in writing a blog regularly that fourteen people maybe read, I thought I’d shock you with a BLOG COMMENT (OMG WHAT IS THIS) which is evidently a thing that blogs can get.

    Social media is the pits and it keeps getting worse. Long live the blog! 😀

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