Friday Finds for March 16th

Web Design

Driver – very nice looking javascript library to created guided tours of interfaces.

Firefox 59 for developers – Mozilla | MDN – Firefox is getting better.

CSS Text Decoration Module Level 4 – I love some of the options in here.

Notched Boxes | CSS-Tricks – sweetness!

Animating Elements Along SVG Paths: Introducing PathSlider ― Scotch – animation is something I need to do more of.

Going Gutenberg: Chapter III – The Events Calendar – Gutenberg will be nice once we get over the adoption hump.

Set Up Amazon SES for Your WordPress Site – getting around hosting issues with SMTP and sending email is a valuable thing for me to look into for some clients.


Bezos Says He’ll Spend ‘Amazon Lottery Winnings’ on Space Travel – Bloomberg – good to know that slightly cheaper space travel will come only at the cost of every retail business in America.


Schwarzenegger Orchestrated a Legendary Hollywood Troll – Hollywood feuds are hilarious, but I don’t remember “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” as being that bad. Then again, I was ten.


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