Reevaluating Goals for the Year

Over the last few weeks, some of the fun and spark of joy in painting miniatures has evaporated, and I’ve had to give it some thought.

I think setting myself a goal of painting one miniature per day is the reason why. I’ve started painting not because it’s fun, but because I have a goal, and nothing takes the fun out of something like treating it like a job. So moving forward, I’m removing that goal from my mind. I’ll paint when I want, what I want, and I’ll be doing it for the pleasure of it, not because I am putting myself on some kind of stupid sigma grindset.

Doing something repeatedly is a good way to get better at it, but doing something as a chore is a good way to start doing it very sloppily.

As far as blogging, I’ll keep that up. Setting a goal of doing it every day is still helpful. And yes, sometimes I make a shitty post here and there, but they can’t all be winners, and hardly anybody is reading this anyway. Mostly, I’m using it as a means of excercising my writing muscles, so it doesn’t really matter what I write. Only that I do. But if it becomes a bore of a chore, I’ll drop this goal too.

Setting goals for fun things is tricky. That’s my first lesson for 2023. I’m sure I have a lot more coming.

2 thoughts on “Reevaluating Goals for the Year”

    1. Jeremiah Tolbert

      Glad to hear it. Wish what I was writing was more joyful, but February here is like 0 degrees or lower all month and cloudy, so I hates it!

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