That Old Ebb and Flow

I’m feeling rather tired today, in part because we appear to be fighting off yet another illness in the Tolbert household and also for a rather shocking reason: I had trouble putting a book down last night and stayed up too late reading it.

This appears to be the year I finally get around to all the exceptional things that had buzz years ago, so I’m reading The Three Body Problem and so far, I’m hooked. I devoured about a third of it in a single sitting last night. More on it later.

I wish that our form of capitalism had more forgiveness built into it. I’m very lucky that I can take an easy day, but I won’t, because I’ve internalized capitalism just as much as the next poor sap. I’ve got meetings that can’t be delayed and projects that must continue if I want to keep a roof over my head.

I’ve been teetering on the brink of finding it all a bit overwhelming for a while. Not an uncommon sensation for me in February. My list of things that I need to accomplish before our trip in March is not… small. But I find myself wanting to do little more than crawl back into bed with my iPad and keep reading my book. Damn all the capitalist toil.

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