Motivation Null

I finished The Three Body Problem last night. Now what?

The book seems to have triggered an existential crisis in me. It tangles with a lot of themes and issues that I have tangled with in my own life. Despair for the future. Environmental catastrophe. The value of living things. It’s a really intriguing book, even if half of it went over my head because it seemed like there was more allegory about Communism than I was picking up on. But today, I am at my lowest point in personal motivation in a long time.

My mental health comes and goes, so I’m used to fighting through low motivation, but today I’ve just kind of embraced it. I’m going to remain still, mostly and let the book and its impacts integrate into the rest of me. The cacophony of my to do list screaming for attention shall remain ignored for a few hours. A few hours is probably about all I can stand.

My body and mind has been begging me to do less lately, but doing less isn’t easy for me. Just for today, I’m going to give into that instinct. Call it self care or whatever. Sometimes you have to let the world spin on without you.

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