Last Week Was a Flop (for blogging)

It turns out that finding time to blog after you’ve been on vacation isn’t easy. I don’t know why I’m acting like this is a surprise. Probably because this most recent vacation was the closest thing to a real vacation I’ve had in ages, so by not working much during it, I was left with a tsunami of stuff to get done when I got home.

I scheduled quite a few meetings with potential clients, and can happily say that starting in April, we’re doing tech work for two more RPG companies at Clockpunk Studios. We’re leveraging what we know about WordPress for more independent creators, which is living the dream.

Onboarding tends to cause a big rush of stuff to get done, though, so it meant I just didn’t have time to ruminate about anything that wasn’t work related. I did find a little time to read some of a book called Building A Second Brain. I’m not done, but it’s inspired me to get my Evernote into better shape.

I need to spend some time thinking about what goal I am trying to accomplish on this blog. I’ve been writing just for the sake of writing, but that isn’t leaving me with banger content. The whole place feels a bit inspid, if I’m being honest. It feels a lot like like in your mid-40s. Mostly fine, comfortable, but not exactly full of adventure and genius.

I’m determined to do better, though. I just need to figure out by what metric I measure “better.”

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