New Year, New Website

Every few years, I try to freshen up this place and give it a new vibe. I really do enjoy designing websites for just myself. I went a few different directions with this one, but ultimately decided to lean heavily into my love of green, living things. My office is full of plants as of this year, and they make me happy to spend time in it. Perhaps this will work for getting me to spend more time blogging?

So far this year, I’ve accomplished several of my goals for the year, although it’s only April. I wanted to paint 50 miniatures – done! I’ll share some of those here soon. I also wanted to read twelve books – that too I’ve accomplished, and I’ll share some of those titles in an upcoming post as well. Finally, I wanted to give this site a face lift, which I have now done. Check, check, and check.

I have some big goals for the year. I’m working on trying to learn game development in many various forms, and I’m slowly trying to get better at drawing (again). And generally speaking, I am trying with each passing year to become more authentically, uniquely me.

Is this a step closer? Dunno. I hope so!

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