Watched: The Green Knight

I love A24 movies, in principle. Sometimes, it feels like they are the only studio (?) making genuine, original movies that aren’t sequels or shared universes or superhero slop. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever finished watching an A24 movie and thought “I understood everything I just watched and feel satisfied.”

I was slow to get around to The Green Knight (2021, starring Dev Patel) because while the trailer looked amazing, I knew there was a good chance that my lack of knowledge of Arthurian legend would hamper my enjoyment. Turns out that was only partially true. Mostly, I’m just not smart enough to get every literary allusion in a film like this.

I got the impression that camera rotation was happening for a reason, that the transition of time and seasons was important, but why, not so sure. And there were many temptations on the path of honor, many of which our knight (or aspirational knight, as he keeps saying he is not a knight) fails to resist.

The cinematography was rich and dense. The pacing pretty ponderous, but at least the frame was full of beauty to pass all that dead time.

I can’t say I disliked it, exactly, but like with most A24 films, I come away wishing I had majored in literature or some other humanities degree so I could understand just what the hell their movies are trying to say. As it is, I am left feeling befuddled but entertained. Perhaps this is just what old age feels like.

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