And On Into June

The last week (and consequently, all of May) really flew by. I’m having a hard time comprehending the speed of the passage of time lately. This year seems to nearly be half over and I feel like I just got started.

Last week was about recovering from the epic 2024 Microcenter Fail. A couple of weeks ago, a harddrive died in my primary work station. Microcenter took a week to try and fix it, and ended up formatted my data drive for no good reason in the process. They’ve since promised to restore the data with a recovery service and are giving me a refund for the purchase of the machine, which is not even six months old.

I’ve decided not to rely on PCs anymore for my work machine, and I’ve been making major adjustments to my work station layout for it. I’ve been taking the awkward time to get better organized, and have been setting up github repos of all my most important codebases for even more redundancy, and hopefully for easier developer workflow in the future too. It’s boring work, but it’s helping me combat the anxiety of things and important.

I’m trying to figure out how to safely upgrade client sites to the High Performance Order Storage for their Woocommerce sites, but creating local development installs of sites with 15 GB databases has proven damned near impossible. I’ll probably have to do it all on-server in staging environments. (This is probably jibberish to a lot of you, but it’s helpful for me to record here for posterity). I’ve also been trying to solve a thorny issue involving our coupon system across multiple sites.

The weekend flew by. I picked up a new computer game on Friday afternoon called Soulmask and it’s right up my alley for a survival game. A kind of MesoAmerican Conan Exiles with bits of Palworld and ARK in it. I’m really enjoying it so far, and I spent almost all day playing on Saturday, but today, I’ve just been napping, reading, and getting ready for the work week ahead.

I hope that my data is recovered from that drive soon, and I can get back to work on some important projects that are currently trapped in limbo there. I also hope June slows down some and I don’t feel so metaphorically out of breath. Finally, I hope your month is fruitful in all the ways you want as well.

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