short story

Four Kittens

I wrote this story more than 15 years ago, and it was the first thing I ever wrote that caught the attention of editor John […]

The Dissonant Note

How do you kill a virtual mind and take their place? What could possibly go wrong? Cee in the Sixth Octave, daughter of Eff in

Men of Unborrowed Vision

A story of near-future lefitist politics, protest movements, drones, and right-wing genetic engineering designed to end it all.   When protest organizer Mara’s ex-boyfriend brutally

Wet Fur

This story came to me wholly formed in a dream one day.  I wrote it in a white hot tear, desperate to capture all the

Groob’s Stupid Grubs

Once upon a time, Black Gate was a fiction magazine, and when they were, they published a story about my favorite goblin dad, Groob.  Groob

One Click Banishment

Another tale in the Magic P1r4cy setting, where spells are turned into programs called sprogs.  In this story, we learn that it pays to read

The Godfall’s Chemsong

This is one of my attempts at writing truly alien aliens.  At least in the sense that they are hominids with bumpy foreheads, anyway.  Ultimately,

The Culture Archivist

I was thinking to myself: What’s the difference between the Federation and the Borg, really? Both assimilate other cultures into themselves. One just does it

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