Magic P1r4tes

One Click Banishment

A published in , 2010.

Another tale in the Magic P1r4cy setting, where spells are turned into programs called sprogs.  In this story, we learn that it pays to read the terms of service when using magical SaS. STUCK THREAD * Six Lessons Learned in MAA’s Captive Servitude Posted by Hidr at 7:42 PM Yesterday Yeah, the rumors are true. […]

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Captain Blood’s B00ty

A published in , 2007.

In the Magic P1r4tes setting, computers can process spells like programs.  The only problem is, copyright of spells is tied to the life of the wizard that created it, and wizards live forever.  What’s a young wizard to do? Pirate magic, of course. Unfortunately, the Magical Association of Atlantis, (MAA, or, Big Mother) are in […]

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